Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Ray of Hope

Every morning as I get dressed I listed to either Sirius 23, Hair Nation (Long live the Hair Band!!!) or Sirius 19, Buzz saw (harder 70s and 80s rock) on my TV courtesy of my friends at Dish. It sets my mood for the day, get me centered and gets this Old Fart's blood a pumping.

My daughter, 7, my oldest child has been an Ozzy fan since she had the hand coordination to make the rock and roll sign with her fingers. God love her.

My oldest son, 4, has rocked out since he gained enough strength in his neck to head bang of his own volition. Life is good.

But this little ray of joy came to me courtesy of my youngest, 15 mos old. I have noticed that lately he has begun to stand in my bedroom and bounce to the music coming from the TV. I thought, nice, he's gonna have rhythm like his old man. Then, this morning, I realized I have reared one more devotee to the power chord.

I forgot to turn on the TV. It was quiet in my room. Quiet that is until the little sprog found the power button for the TV and turned it on himself and commenced a-bouncin' and laughing.

Ah. Life is good.


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