Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And I Bought a House Why?


For the last couple of months I have been noticing a slowly developing problem with my sewers. We have 2 bathrooms in the house and they were taking turns stopping up. It all came to a head today when they both backed-up at the same time.

I ran a sewer snake down the clean out in the backyard. I ran a toilet auger down both toilets. I reamed out the vents pipes coming through the roof. All to no avail.


Call a plumber.

He does everything I did, just with better tools and pulls some roots out from under the house. I'm going to repeat that; because, it bears repeating. He pulled TREE ROOTS OUT FROM UNDER MY FRELLING HOUSE!!!


Then we move into the house and he comments that the sinking floor, cracked ceiling and leaking shower in the master bath are all most likely the result of how we got roots into the sewer pipes under the house. The cast-iron sewer main is cracked and leaking water under the house.

I turn to see the ($) ($) look in his eyes, but I am pleasantly surprised that he looks as forlorn about it as I am. Either this guy should be selling stuff for a living, giving his acceptance speech to the Academy, or he really feels my pain.

I'm going to go with the latter. My brother recommended this guy, and my brother brooks no bull from those he uses. If the guy was even the least bit crooked, my brother would have smelled it out and stomped on him hard at some point. I begin to feel better.

Then he comes out with the small ray of sunshine in this whole drama. He's seen this before and home owner's insurance should cover most of the repairs.

**dance a jig of joy***

So tomorrow, I'll give a call to the old insurance shiester...ummm...agent and see where I stand.

Tell me again why I thought giving up renting was a good idea?



OK Katrina said...

Yesterday a shiester...hopefully, tomorrow your best friend.

Yeah, I too, can feel your pain. Several years ago I had to have the water main rerun from the street to under my 60 yr old house. A few years later, I had to have the sewer drain rerun from under the house out to the alley in back. That one involved a backhoe. Fun stuff.

I'm glad you have a plumber you can trust. Best of luck with your repairs.

Anonymous said...

For fun & an edjumacation on the finer points of owning a home, rent and view: "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks.

While paying rent is to be considered pouring money down a rathole, at least with owning a home you own the rathole the money is going into.

BTDT could not afford the tshirt!

Randy in Arizona