Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where Were You When I Was Unemployed?

I was sitting at my desk the other night thinking that I really need to keep the old resume current. I have a good job now and have had since know...uncertain economic times and all that rot.

I started to search my pc for the most current version and after about 15 minutes realize I don't know where it is. I am getting pretty frustrated when I remember that I uploaded it to that Monstrously Monstrous job site back when I was unemployed.

I go. I log in. I download. I notice that there is an alert that my profile is incomplete. Oh well, may as well fix that while I am here.

After going through the 543 questions and not changing a single answer, I start to to wonder what I am missing. Oh well....oh experience level is wrong. So, I change it from 7-10 yrs to 10-15 years. That's it. That's the only change.

One week out from that change and I've received 5 emails and a phone call offering If only I'd have changed it sooner I might not have spent six months tearing my house apart and putting it back together.


Go figure.

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