Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sweet Mother I'm Tired

I am not young anymore and I have been working my butt off, both at my job and at my house. I honestly don't know how my wife does it. She stays home all day with our 3 kids. She keeps our home livable. She keeps everyone fed and clean. And somehow she still finds the energy to go out Christmas shopping and be in a good mood even when I am not. As tired as I am, I am starting to think she is vamping energy from me whilst I sleep. She has all the respect from me I can muster.

I thought I would throw that out there to explain why it's been a day or two since my last posting. I have been coming in, throwing food down my considerable gullet and falling dead into bed. This one will most likely be short as well, but hey, what can ya do?

So the wife and the kiddos hauled off and went to the mall today for the annual picture with Santa. Well, he never saw this troop coming. As I sit here looking at the picture I notice that Santa has the biggest smile of the four of them.

When they all get to mall, Santa hadn't started his shift yet and there was a sign "Feeding the reindeer, be back shortly," so they all copped a squat in the little seating area outside the Santa Land there in the mall. I should also insert here that this is the first trip to Santa for my new baby boy who is 4 months old and also for my 3 year old as he has been sick every year prior.

Well the jolly old fat guy finally gets there and the family get in queue. When they get there my son pipes up with, "Are they fat and happy?"

"Who?" asks Santa.

"The reindeer of course," says the boy. And that pretty much set the mood for the entire visit. It is no surprise that Santa is grinning ear to ear.

Oh and speaking of this jolly old elf. The local Shop-O-Rama found a guy with a real beard down to his chest and wider than his face. Cheeks all aglow and everything. Awesome.

Merry Christmas all.



Phoenix Ravenflame said...

Our local mall also has a real bearded Santa, and my mom told me they hired him through an association for the most authentic Santas. It's the same fella every year, and his is always very jolly... all smiles and waves to everyone who walks by but doesn't stop for a picture. I'm convinced he's the real Santa.

Janean said...

Drat! He's discovered our secret energy-zapping properties. Now we'll have to silence him forever. :D JUST KIDDING!!
What an ADORABLE picture. The kids look just thrilled out of their socks...but at least they aren't crying. That's a major plus.
Happy holidays!