Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Signs You've Married Well

There are times, and they seem to be coming more frequently, when I realize that I have married the right woman. I think the first one I can recall was when she began referring to Lawdog as Uncle to my children all on her own. Well, that's not the first but it is definitely one that stands out in my mind.

The most recent came last night. However, before I tell you the story, I think I should share some background as to why it makes me beam with pride. A few years back I started play a little game called Everquest. Actually, it was my late brother-in-law who sucked me into that particular black hole of time. I would spend as many hours in the game as I spent at work. My wife constantly cursed "that game" to which I would respond, "I used to spend this time watching TV, no real difference."

Well, a couple years pass and Sony gives us Everquest 2. She bought it for me and I didn't really like it and went back to EQ1. Arryn (the wife) decides that we spent $90 on this damned game so she'll just see what all the hub-bub is about. Two years later and she's been playing it ever since. heh heh

Ok, here's that moment. Last night, long after I had gone to bed, Arryn was in here plugging away to finish a quest and was not about to go to bed until she was done...sigh. I am a lucky man.

So if you have a moment like that, cherish it and the one who gave it to you. Feel free to share your own.



Phoenix Ravenflame said...

I've had enough trouble prying myself away from free mmorpg. I can't imagine what would happen if I paid for one. I mean, there'd be the better game quality, and I'd have that feeling of, "I paid for it, I'm gonna play it!"

I've had moments before, that may be part of what keeps my husband and me together. For reasons that could never be explained to another person, it's like there's a half second of souls recognizing each other as long lost friends, and I know that no matter how much he irks my nerves, I married the right man.

HollyB said...

My story is from the other side, so to speak. When my Dearly Beloved taught me to shoot handguns properly, little did he know he was creating a pistol appropriating monster.
So far I've gotten two Kel-tecs, a Browning HP, and a Colt Officer's Model. I'm gonna find where he hid that Gold Cup,yet! Bwhaaaaaaa!

Kimberly said...

As much as I used to curse EQ2--I bought him the cheat book he was searching high and low for last Christmas

What stands out right now is on Sundays--I retreat to the sewing room and spend the day quilting while dearly beloved hubby watches football in the living area.

Janean said...

My Guy is into WOW. GOt my son into WOW. Soooo, between the two of them, I couldn't get into a computer game IF I WANTED TO?!?!
I have had LOTS Of fun with Rollercoaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon. Till my daughter showed me she likes to let the animals loose to chase the people...and OH LOOK MOM what happens when you don't put BATHROOMS in your park.
Sigh...I'm with Kimberly. Quilting ROcks!
On the up side, if I ask - My Guy will shut his game down in a heartbeat to be with me. THAT is true love.