Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So Much to Read...

so little time.

I have begun to build a list of daily reads. It started simple, just Lawdog, but I find that there is more and more for me to see. Here's the list:





I'm enjoying them all and hope to add a few more to the list. My only problem is that I tend to read kind of slowly, so I may run out of time in my day...or I might have to give up sleep. I can always sleep when I'm dead.



Ambulance Driver said...

Thanks, Tole! I reciprocated the linky love.

Got any other stories about yours and LawDog's childhood exploits?

KCSteve said...

Hmmpf. My daily read list is over 30 - your blog included.

(word of the day "yemyi".
Word of the day is brought to you by the capcha check. We have no idea what it means but it sounds fun to say)

HollyB said...

Thanks, Tole.
You're on my daily blog trot line, too. I have 28 that I check every day. Then there are the other 5-10 that I check every 3rd or 4th day because they aren't as prolific.
Every Friday, I check in at Big Head Press for the latest installemtn of the graphic novel "Roswell, TX". If you are into Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Alternate History at all I think you'd really like it.
It's set in a Texas that would have been if we'd won at the Alamo! We are a seperate nation, and Texas is much bigger than our current state. Riddled with lots of historical and pop cultural icons. Check it out @ www.bigheadpress/roswell

HollyB said...

Oh, and I like the ref to Zevon. Always nice to find another fan.

HollyB said...

Tole, you've been tagged with a Musical MeMe. See my Monday blog for more details.