Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Heart Swells

I knew early on that the volatile mixture of my wife's DNA with mine was going to give us an interesting life together...I could never have guessed it would be like this.

I can remember an instance when my daughter was 2, that made me laugh until I damned near peed myself. I was in the backyard putting a mean case of char on a hapless chicken when my wife sticks her head out the back door and summons our little angel for a fresh coating of anti-skeeter spritz.

The little darling stops mid-stride. Hoists a matched set of rock-n-roll hands into the air and announces, "Here I come and hell's coming with me!!"

That hurts. She's been a fan of Ozzy since she had the dexterity to make a rock-n-roll hand sign and bang her head in her car seat. Isn't that special?

My oldest son, well, you can see what kind of a challenge he is going to be. His personal mantra seems to be, "If I can't knock it down with a head-butt I will respect it. If I can knock it down, i will eat it." OY! But when he isn't knocking stuff over, he can jump around with the music with the best of them.

My most recent moment of pride though was this morning and it came from my baby boy. Kid #3. I had the old Sirius radio fired up and was belting out a slightly off key rendition of Stroke by Billy Squire. I turn around to see the baby throwing his hands in the air and bouncing in time to the music.

For someone who gave up a music career to live in the real world, (how the hell did I become an accountant?) it give me a small measure of comfort to see my kids enjoying music too.



OK Katrina said...

Seriously man, a two-year-old hoisting a matched set of rock-n-roll hands into the air and announcing, "Here I come and hell's coming with me!!" deserves a warning label. I almost spit my beans and rice all over my monitor. That is hysterical! Thanks for sharing the story.

Chris Byrne said...

Dude, my girls are 5 and 3, and they INSIST on Hair Nation.

Our five year old prefers guns n roses, but the three year old likes Twisted Sister more. They BOTH sing along whenever a song they like is on.

Tolewyn said...

LOL. I forgot about Twisted Sister. Since their Christmas Album, she's been able to pick out We're Not Gonna Take It from the first drum beat. Took her all of about 2 times through before she knew the words.

Ain't kids great?


Rorschach said...

heh, my six year old's favorite is AC/DC... She gets upset if she has to ride in the car and the radio isn't on a classic rock station (or if they are playing something lame, same difference to her.)

Angus is her idol..... I fear for society.

Jason said...

This is the first blog I've ever read. I did a search for handguns and read about you shooting with your dad. I kept reading and really like your blogs. I grew up way out in the sticks but have lived in the city for the last 9 years for school. Your stories are great. Thanks for making me laugh.

Tolewyn said...

Welcome Jason. Glad to hear I amuse you. If you are looking for a really good blog about handguns you should check out the Lawdog Files. There's a link on my main page. He's great.


phlegmfatale said...

She had me at "Here I come and hell's coming with me!!"

Your kids all totally rock! As someone who also gave up the soul-killing pursuit of a career as an opera singer, I can relate to how important music is and how it colors (or should color) every day of our lives. (I quit while I still like music, but Opera is painful to listen to, these days for some reason.) I don't have little ones of my own, but when I have my niece and nephew in the car, we totally rock out. Between the folk-rock Dylan/CSNY/early country tastes of their mother, the punk of their father and my free-wheeling playlist, they're getting a pretty well-rounded exposure to music. She likes Supertramp and Imogen Heap, and he is digging Queen right now.

And the great thing is good classic music is completely evident - they don't have to be told it's good - kids just know.