Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Think I Broke Him

Here's a very important lesson. When a friend, especially if your friend is me, says, "Hey what are you doing this afternoon?" your best and safest answer is anything other than "Nothing."

I goat-roped Lawdog into helping me remove some "volunteer" trees from my fence line that had grown up into the power lines. To be fair to myself, they were there when we bought the house, but I've ignored them. I tried to get the power company out to clean them up, but they are only responsible for stuff in the lines from pole to pole. Anything between the pole and the house is all on me.

So, LD and I attacked my tree at noon yesterday. Four hours and a broken chainsaw later, we've got about 2/3 of it down.

If you look closely at this picture you may notices that LD tends to SUNBURN really easily. It's a combination of genetics and meds, but after about 6 seconds in the direct sunlight without sunscreen he starts to sizzle. When he left my house yesterday (it was around midnight), he didn't need me to turn on the lights outside because he was glowing in the dark. It was kind of cool actually. Like watching a tracer round in slow motion at night.

He's not coming back today to help me finish up and I FULLY understand.

Oh and I am cutting the tree down in the alley as well. See we called the local power company shortly after we bought this place (almost 2 years ago) and it's still there. Maybe I didn't get my point across to the LOCAL power company when I talked to the call center in Calcutta or Delhi or wherever they are farming it out to. Someone DID show up 3 weeks after we service our power, it would suck to have your power out for 3 weeks.

When I told him we called to have a a tree removed I was told that he'd submit a ticket for it. He must have had to call it in as well, because no one ever showed up.

Oh well, being the rugged individualist I am (yes that is sarcasm) I have decided to handle it myself (it just took me two years to pull on my boots and get to it.)


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