Friday, April 4, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It always makes me feel good when one of my children uses the mind God gave them. BUT when they use it to overcome the indoctrination that schools seems to want to impose on them, it means a little more.

My oldest, who is 7, came home from school a couple of days ago and proclaimed that the world would be safer if we didn't have guns.

Now, in a Utopian world, where no one commits any violence against anyone else, I agree with her. However, human nature bring what it is, we all know that we'd just find another way to kill each other, but I digress.

My wife, God love her, told my daughter to stop and think about her comment for a minute.


Light dawns and my daughter says, "Wait a minute. That doesn't make any sense. For the world to be safer we ALL need to HAVE guns. That way we can defend ourselves from bad people."

Now I ask you. If a seven year old can figure that out on her own, why oh why, is it so difficult to convince more "edumercated" folks of that same fact.

I am not going to drag out the soap box and give the dissertation on how guns make people safer. I'll leave that to Lawdog and his counterparts. I just thought it was interesting that she drew this conclusion on her own.

Next target...Global Warming and those damned polar bears, lol.


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TBeck said...

George Hill said it best with, "Pacifism is the privilege of the protected."

My girls, who are not yet in middle school, shoot with me pretty regularly. I joined a private, indoor range in Amarillo where I can instruct them with minimal distractions. There is also an excellent outdoor police range west of town that is open to the public several days a week.

I visit the local Gander Mountain every couple of weeks. One of the things that I love about the store is the large selection of youth firearms. From Crickett .22s to 20 gauge 870's with pink furniture, it is clear that guns are not some kind of forbidden fruit here in the panhandle. I usually visit with my kids and I see lots of other fathers with their children in tow.

These children will grow up with a solid foundation in firearms skills and knowledge. Which is as it should be.