Monday, May 19, 2008

Could it be a Sign?

I had to go get a new chair for the old computer desk today. Why?? Because the hydraulic cylinder on my old one burst. I know I could have gotten another cylinder, but the foam was pretty well destroyed and the fabric smelled like old shoes....maybe I should get up out of my chair more.

That chair was a replacement for one that I broke while leaning back. I miss that was very comfortable, but it was one of those that the back bolted directly to the seat instead of being held on by the arms. I leaned back one night and broke the fittings that were embedded into the plywood base...and sheared the head off of one of the bolts.

As I look back on this, I think it is a sign that maybe...just maybe...I need to shed a few pounds....

NAH!! Must be inferior quality merchandise. Now if you'll excuse me there is a chocolate cream pie in my refrigerator that needs my attention.



Brandon said...

I've had some similar quality-control issues with a desk chair or two. My current one doesn't like to keep its position once I've adjusted the cylinder. It will stay put when fully down, but anywhere above bottom, and it just jumps back up to full height as soon as I get up.

My work chair is fantastic, but I can't quite bring myself to drop 400 bucks on a Hon chair for the house where my kids will surely shred it due to its cost. Ah, well.

Tolewyn said...

I had a really nice HON chair at my last job. **sniff** I miss that chair.