Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Joke Fodder

I heard something on the radio today that will most likely make me lose sleep thinking up jokes about it for at least the next week. What could it be you ask?

How about a movie version of 21 Jump Street? Yep, that classic **snark** TV series from the 80's will be the next piece of dren to be cranked out by Hollywood.

My first thought was WHAT?!?!? Followed closely by OMFG NOOOOOOOOO!!!

I think that if we put all the movie people in one room with an infinite number of chimpanzees typing on an infinite number of typewriters, the odds of an original thought being developed into anything resembling a good film would only be slightly better than the odds of that same combination finding a cure for the common cold.

Oh well. If you're truly interested in the story here's a link.


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