Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"E" for Effort

Little Johnny may be dumb as a box of rocks, but at least he tries really hard.

That's what schools in Dallas will be going to when deciding what grade a student should receive on assignments. Some of the key points from the new policy are listed below.

•Homework grades should be given only when the grades will "raise a student's average, not lower it."

•Teachers must accept overdue assignments, and their principal will decide whether students are to be penalized for missing deadlines.

•Students who flunk tests can retake the exam and keep the higher grade.

•Teachers cannot give a zero on an assignment unless they call parents and make "efforts to assist students in completing the work."

There is not enough Valium in the world to calm me down right now. I thought that in addition to providing an academic education, schools were supposed to help our children get ready for the world outside of school.

How the hell?!?!?!?!?!?

I can promise you one thing. If my boss were to take this philosophy, our company would be out of business in less than six months, because no one would do a damned thing. Why should we? There's no incentive. Ok, I'll grant you that there are those who live a life based on a work ethic. But sadly it has been my experience that we are a minority.

On teacher quoted in this article here said,

"It's like we're sending the message to kids that deadlines don't matter, studying is optional, and no matter how little you do, you're still [going to] pass all your classes anyway," said Ray Cox, who teaches world languages at Franklin Middle School.

I just don't understand how anyone could think that this practice will improve the education of our children. All we are creating is children who have been set up to fail once they have left the tender bosom of the public school system.

I have to go lie down...


Christy said...

Homeschooling is looking better and better.

Here are a couple of other articles you might find interesting. Unfortunately, this is not a localized phenomenon.
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Lergnom said...

We're doomed.

Doug in Colorado said...

It won't improve them...they're not trying to make children better, they're trying to make them hopeless and dependent on the Government for subsistence...so they'll vote Dem.