Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Let Olympic Baseball Die

I read this article today and all I can say is WTF Over?!?!? The IBAF is changing it's rules concerning extra innings in an attempt to keep baseball and softball in the Olympics. Unfortuantely the new rules will also apply to all tournaments that fall under the IBAF sanctioning body.

Under the new format, the 10th inning will be played normally. At the start of the 11th, teams will have the option of beginning at any point in the existing batting order and placing the previous two batters on base.

For example, a team that opts to lead off with its No. 3 hitter would begin with its No. 1 batter on second base and its No. 2 hitter on first with no outs.


The 12th inning and beyond would begin where the previous lineup left off, with the two hitters ahead of the batter scheduled to lead off that inning being placed on first and second bases.

Full Article Here

What's next? Giving everyone a chance to bat, quit keeping score and give everyone a trophy regardless of whether they win or not? Oh wait...nevermind.

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