Monday, January 26, 2009

An Unpleasant Side-Effect

I think I mentioned that I have lost about 70 pounds since September. I've begun to notice things I didn't realize were going on before I lost the weight. You know, all the typical almost cliche things. I have more energy. My blood pressure has normalized. I can breathe. Blah blah blah.

One thing I was happy to see is that I no longer have to buy "big guys" jeans at Wally World, which means my pants are $2 cheaper now. That makes the skin flint in me giggle a little.

BUT, I was not prepared for being COLD!!! When I tipped the scale at 266, I was never cold. I didn't wear a coat, even when it was close to or below freezing. I played in the snow with my daughter in a short sleeved shirt for Pete's sake!!

I haven't been warm in almost a week. I miss my insulating blubber. I am seriously tempted to hole up until May, burn my furniture and any other combustible material I can get my grubby little mitts on, and crawl under several blankets until I hear the geese fly by headed north again.

Oh well, at least I'll live to be cold.



phlegmfatale said...

I miss my insulating blubber.

Thanks for the belly laugh.

Anonymous said...

I hate summer, but I'm fat and peeling an orange make me sweat.

Mikael said...

Thanks for the laugh.

Personally I chalk up my resistance to the cold to my viking genes. Always been warm blooded, even when I 17 and weighed 130lbs, I'd go in jeans and tee until it got below 50, and then I'd just put on a thin jacket or a sweater.

I do fine in -4 degrees with just a thinly lined leather jacket, and unlined leather pants. (I've put on some weight though, probably weigh 150lbs now).

Anonymous said...

Co-worker is 6'5" and build of a
hammer-thrower/discus strongman.
He says he never wears long trou
'till it gets down to 20 F.
Wish I could be that warm, but at
180# ... not gonna happen.
Anon, Don

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