Thursday, March 8, 2007

I Can Fix Social Security

Here it is and the solution is fun for everyone...get busy with the one you love and make some damned babies. When social security was founded there was something like 20 people paying in for every 1 taking out. Now it's 8 to 1 and by the time I retire that number will have inverted.

Why is this happening? Simple, the birth rate in the good old U.S. of A. is currently 1.6 children per couple. If we aren't even replacing ourselves we are faced with a declining population and the direct result of that will be less people paying into government programs and therefore fewer programs can be funded. In many countries in Europe it is closer to 1.1 per couple. We are literally breeding ourselves out of existence.

One other interesting stat I'd like to throw in there for your consideration is that the birth rate in the "terrorist prone" countries is in the neighborhood of 7-9 children per couple. President Tom in Iran and Colonel (I think his rank is still Col.) Qaddafi (Sp?) have both said that the Al Queda approach to bringing the world to Islam is outmoded. They simply have to keep having children and soon they will be welcomed to countries to take the place of the children that the populations there aren't having. Then they can re annex all of the land that they lost to the Christians back in the past not to mention even more area just by over-running them with their children.

Scary huh? While I have been saying that babies are the cure for SS for a long time. I think I started when I heard Australia's govt slogan for the tax incentives they were giving families for having 3 kids 'One for you, one for your spouse and one for your country' due to their declining population and low birthrate. The info on the Middle East came to me from a video on If you'd like to see it just search for "save America" and click the link for videos, or you can check the book by his guest, Mark Steyn called America Alone.

Most who know me will say that this stand for more kids kinda flies in the face of one of my other philosophies, specifically that a lot of people shouldn't be allowed to have kids, just to stop the genes from spreading. I suppose in a way it does, but we can deal with screwed up kids after we are stable and funded. Besides, it'll give LD job security.



Vic303 said...

Hey, I done did my part! I got me THREE Monkeys! ;)

HollyB said...

Well, I only had 2, but at least I replaced my [then]spouse and myself.
And about that Wanker comment, Since I comment on almost EVERY post, I figuered I could get away with it.
Here's a hug to make up for being mean {{{{Tole}}}}

SpeakerTweaker said...

Sounds like you are promoting activity that's a bit *sexual* in nature, there.

I'm in!


Michelle said...

As LD can surely attest, no matter how much our population needs to grow, some just should not reproduce. But, alas they do, often in great quantities. Go to county court every once in a while. It is scary.

Anonymous said...

I've heard this type of comment before, usually referring to intelligent people breeding themselves out of existence. So know you have two more reasons!!!

Brandon said...

We've contributed our three, but I'm convinced that they're already plotting their revolution and triumvirate rule.