Friday, March 23, 2007

Upgrade Schmupgrade

One of the duties that I have carefully wormed my way into, as I have said before is as a backup to our sole IT person at the credit union (poor bastard.) We have recently gone through a couple of conversions and some training on how to more effectively make the REALLY expensive processing software we use work.

However, as with any change there is resistance. The "I've always done it this way. Why should I change?" mentality is really difficult to overcome. Even in the face of how much easier the job will become, once someone becomes entrenched in a way of doing something, the new way is scary and frustrating.

That having been said, there is a certain joyous satisfaction in that moment that light dawns on marble head and you see the realization on their face that we are not trying to ruin their lives.

Then you see something like this and it makes all the frustration of convincing them seem somehow funny. It helps to keep the IT folks from coming to work with some sort of incendiary device or W.M.D.


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TBeck said...

I feel your pain, brother. I'm the controller for a large credit union in Florida and even with a large IT staff, it's still a chore to drag people into 21st century productivity.

Ex: Fedline Advantage

Gone are the clunky, clock-downed PC relics that were required to run this wonderful example of cutting edge 80's technology. Gone are the ten separate floopy disks required for an upgrade and the joy of handkeying the Triple DES keys.

Now all of my staff can access Fedline from the comfort of their own desktop through a highspeed internet connection. And biy did they fight it when we announced that we were converting. Now they don't know how they lived without it.