Monday, June 18, 2007

Good News From the Doctor

Well, I have spent too much time and money ( I even got to hold my breath for one of those new fangled CAT Scan machines) to find out that the root of all my problems is that I am a fat tub of goo.


I could have told him that with just one cursory glance in a mirror. **grin**

Truth be told I am suffering from 2 completely unrelated problems that added together make me feel cruddy some days.

The first is that I have a fatty liver. No big deal yet, but left unattended it could cause cirrhosis later in life.

Cure? Lose weight you tub of goo.

The second is called Gilbert's Disease, which I find ironic in that my grandmother's maiden name was Gilbert. This condition is benign and the worst that can really happen is I turn orange from time to time. What it does is cause my liver (see a pattern here?) to not process bilirubin like it should. Again, no big deal.

Cure? None. It's genetic and you just have to live with it.

So, now that I know I am not going to be making my journey towards room temperature any time soon I am going to do my dead level best to get more time in on this little bit of blather. Sorry I bowed out for so long.



LawDog said...

And that is good news.

HollyB said...

Good News, indeed.
Now you can focus on cuttin' some of the fat out of your diet, maybe? Not all of it, mind, just some of it. I can highly recommend Slim fast in place of one meal /day. Esp. the chocolate varieties. I've managed to loose 58 lbs and counting using SlimFast.
Good Luck.

Strings said...

>Sorry I bowed out for so long.<

'Sok: we'll just dock your pay (you aren't crew, so I can't keel-haul ya)... ;)

Good to know your medical problems aren't insurmountable! I can recommend rollerblading as awesome exercise (especially if you have some nice flat areas to roll along)

phlegmfatale said...

It's funny that you manage to turn orange all on your own. I know some folks who go to a tanning booth and have it burned or sprayed on, and somehow, I think it's worse to do it intentionally.

Glad you're going to be ok.