Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Something I Love to Share

Mostly because it always gets me in trouble. You see, I'm a nerd. Have been all my life. Even when I played sports (and I wasn't half bad either) I was still a nerd because I was one of those kids who could be athletic and still carry A's. Problem with that is, the rest of the athletes were threatened by that so didn't like me. The rest of the brainiacs were threatened by the playing of sports and didn't really care for me either.

Luckily there came an epiphany. A light shone down on me (actually it was from the concussion I got in practice) and I realized it was better to be able bodied and smart than brain damaged and beat up all the time.

OK, I've rambled about that long enough. It was meant to give you all some insight as to why I find the attached funny. Math jokes crack me up.
I do have to give credit for this to the forums of my guild in Everquest. It shows up alot in there.


HollyB said...

Well you're a Married Geek so you can't possibly be a TOTAL geek. And I seem to remember you have at least one Girl child. So equating Girls with evil seems somewhat appropriate.
But hey, we're WORTH the time and Money, aren't we? At least, that's what my Dearly Beloved tells me. And I'm not even High Maintenance.

Ambulance Driver said...

I have suspected as much all along!

So can we call this Tolewyn's Theorem?

Tolewyn said...

I wish I could take credit for coming up with this. Alas, all I can do is make sure that everyone gets a chance to see it and absorb the sheer brilliance of it.

BUT if you need a name for it, that one works as well as any. :)


Kunoichi said...

Ah, but there is an error in this formula!

It is "love of money" that is the root of all evil.

Not sure how that changes your equation, though...