Monday, June 4, 2007

MSRs Don't Get Paid Enough...

Ok, this is a blatant rip-off from LawDog, but if you can't rip-off your friends, what good are they?

I have been trying for some time to figure out if anything I come across at work bears any value at all in sharing it with those of you who put up with my blather. Suddenly it dawns on me that there are plenty of folks who just don't get how it all really works, so the answer to my musings was a resounding YES!

Now, as it turns out, financial institutions have our own version of LawDog's poor downtrodden dispatchers. We call them MSRs, or Member Service Representatives. They get to deal with John Q. Public on a daily basis and some of the things they encounter will make blood run out of your eyes. I'll take it easy on you with the first story, because I fear that I could vapor lock your mind. I won't be responsible for causing that kind of damage...I won't. So I will ease you all in slowly...if that is possible.

John Q. Member says, "You all took my money and I want it back!"

(You'd be amazed how many of our encounters start just this way.)

"I'm sorry. We did what now?"

"You all took my money and I want it back. If you don't give it back, I'm gonna call the cops."

"Ok. First let's talk about what happened and see if we can figure out how to best handle your problem."

"I'll tell you what happened. You all took $1,500.00 out of my account at an ATM and you're gonna put it back."

"Ok, Sir. Someone took $1,500 out of your account at an ATM? Do you have your ATM card?"

"Damned straight! Never let it out of my sight, so you all must have stolen it and I want it back."

"Ok, I see on your account that you have 2 ATM cards. Is that right?"

"Yeah, my son has one."

"And I see by your account history that it was withdrawn in $500 chunks over 3 days at an ATM in Germany. Do you know anyone in Germany?"

At this point, our friends facial expression changes from one of indignant disbelief to one of "Oh really?"

"Why yes, my son is stationed in...Thank you very much for your time."

You'd probably also be amazed how many people don't realize that an ATM with drawl requires the use of an ATM card AND a PIN. Barring forgery, almost all of these situations end in the member realizing that they got taken by a family member, boy/girl friend or roommate.

I swear I keep a roll of grey duct tape in my desk to wrap around my head to keep it from exploding during one of these little conversations. Especially when I hear this...

"Well yeah I told 'em my PIN, but they were only supposed to use it that one time."

"Another little bit of info for your personal growth sir. If you give them your PIN, you have by default given them authorization to take as much as they want, unless you re-PIN after that time."

Short of the long, it is your money. It is your responsibility to safeguard it. We do all we can to keep criminals out of your stuff, but you have to help us.



LB said...

He's suddenly going to wish his sone was a little closer to home. Hard to beat the snot out of him when he's in a differnt country!

HollyB said...

You know, it's all in the raisin'. Both my kids have known my PIN and where I keep my ATM card for over 10 years. Neither has EVER used it w/o permission or over the specified limit.
Poor guy, bet he wishes his ACCOUNT was ARMY strong!

TBeck said...

Then there's the one where a woman calls to complain about fraudulent charges on her debit/credit card.

Upon further investigation we learn that the charges are from an internet site of an "adult" nature and were authorized by her husband.


phlegmfatale said...

I've done a little customer service work, too, and what baffles me is the people who keep trying to catch flies with vinegar. They come in all heavy and nasty and don't recognize they are not exactly inspiring the company representative to go above and beyond. I don't understand why people think this is an effective way of communicating, because it's the sure-fire way to make me clamp down and be the last of the stark-raving hard-asses. "I'm sorry sir, that was in our contract we agreed to and which you signed. Would you like and additional copy for your records?" I keep the hi-lighter handy. Woe betide them.